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"Linda took care of our two Great Danes during the Christmas holiday while we were out of state. It was the first time we'd left our 'boys' behind. They're both special needs dogs and I was very nervous about the whole thing, but Linda called me regularly and provided updates and welcomed any questions I might have had. When we returned home from our trip, we found two very happy pups waiting for us. They appeared not to have missed us at all - - which is exactly what we'd hoped for. I would recommend Linda to anyone who needs a pet sitter!! She's wonderful! "

Dana Crowell

"Linda Heil of Pet Au Pair has taken wonderful care of our dogs since we moved to Colorado last year.  We have elderly labs who take several medications and are finicky eaters.  Linda keeps their medicines on schedule, gets them to eat while we are away and tailors their exercise to how they are feeling.  Of particular note, one of our dogs had surgery a few weeks before we had to travel last year.  This was nerve-wracking for us but we knew the kids would be in good hands with Linda.  Because she had taken the time to get to know him well over the previous months, Linda was able to pick up on subtle signs that his recovery was no longer going well.  She kept in close contact with us about the situation and made a timely decision to get him to a reputable emergency veterinary clinic and then facilitated his care until we could get home.  Linda's quick thinking and resourcefulness to get a disabled 100-pound dog into her car and to the vet was critical.  Our family will always appreciate her compassionate handling of this crisis situation. We highly recommend Linda and Paw au Pair.  Linda loves our pets as if they were her own and takes the time to bond with them.  The dogs love Linda's visits and we love getting their report cards."

Laura Carter



"We have always enjoyed having Linda watch our kitties when we go on vacation. She does a wonderful job!”

Terry Nichlos


“Linda has cared for our 3 cats and 3 dogs while we've been on vacations, anywhere from several days to several weeks. Upon our return, it is obvious that they have been well cared for. She is also very responsive to other needs, including watering our indoor and outdoor plants and bringing in our mail. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that our beloved pets are in good hands while we're away. Her service is the greatest!”

Diane Aparisio

“Since moving to Colorado over two years ago, we have been using the services of Linda Heil and Paw Au Pair. We travel quite a bit, so it is comforting to know that Linda will take exceptional care of our two cats! I also love when we get home and there is a detailed report on how the cats were! Linda and Paw Au Pair are the best!!”


Lou Cavallo


“Arranging Paw Au Pair services couldn't be easier. Communication is always fast, easy, and crystal clear. With a young, growing family, my dog sometimes get left out of family activities. I feel that with Paw Au Pair our pet may get treated even better than if we were at home!”

Hans Geitmann


"Linda provides excellent care to my pets. She not only provides the basics of food, water and litter box cleaning, but she also gives them extra care and attention. I never have to worry about my pets while I'm away because I know Linda cares for them as I do. And I love getting the "report cards" when I get home to see how well my pets behaved while I was away. I highly recommend Linda and Paw Au Pair!"

Liza Pochowic


"As the owner of Paw Au Pair, Linda has the utmost integrity and professionalism. She is organized, thoughtful and I can always count on excellent service for my dog. The care demonstrated by Linda and her staff in regard to pets and their care is certainly a big factor for me in utilizing her services. I know I can count on them to be on time, to care for my dog and ensure she is safe. I would recommend her services to anyone." 

Judy Kimminau



"We hired Paw Au Pair to watch our pets for us when we had to travel out of town. This is a big job - when we first hired Linda, we were new to the area, were renting a small house, and had 4 dogs and a cat. Two of our dogs are German Shepherds who need a lot of attention, and don't always take to new people, and they hate being kenneled. Linda and her team visited our home 3 times a day - our dogs welcomed them gladly. They took wonderful care of our pets, letting them stay home where they were more comfortable while we were away, and getting them the exercise they really need. It leads to happier pets and a safer home. We don't travel as much as we used to, but Linda's business card is on our fridge, and we'll call her to care for our pets any time. Pet sitters are a great option, and Paw Au Pair cares about YOUR pets like they are their own."

Kristin Ramey




Paw Au Pair has been taking care of my dogs for about 2 years now.  The service provided by Linda and her staff is wonderful and I do not have to worry about my "kids" on those days.  Dawn is our sitter and she has been so good to us.  She is reliable, punctual and goes beyond what is required by writing notes, asking questions, and cleans up an occasional "accident" without a complaint.    I have also called Paw Au Pair at the last minute to run to my house and let the dogs out when I have been delayed at work.   I would highly recommend Paw Au Pair.  


Ann Goodhart 




"Paw au Pair has assisted me and my pet so much. As I was new to this area and he was new to my home.  With their help, we have adjusted quite well in our new lives together.  I truly appreciate their responsiveness and the ability to e-mail or call them whenever for scheduling and feedback on my pet's behavior.  Paw au Pair replaced his first pet-sitter who did not return my calls timely and did not have any back-up walkers in case they were out due to emergency or vacation.  I feel very lucky to have such wonderful professionals like Paw au Pair in my area."


Rebecca B.




"We want to thank you for taking such great care of Frankie. Before hiring you we always worried about Frankie during our trips. Now we can enjoy ourselves during our vacations in knowing that Frankie is relaxed in his own home with someone who he really trusts. Thank you again for taking wonderful care of our little baby."

Lisa and Derek




"I just wanted to thank you again for taking such wonderful care of Pilgrim.  I did not worry about him while we were gone as I knew he was comfortable in his own home and getting lots of TLC.  Thank you so much for everything!  


Anne Haakenson




"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for taking such good care of my two dogs while I was out of town.  I enjoyed looking at their report cards and reading the daily journals that you kept of their behavior and activities.  I want you to know that your In home Pet Sitting Service really made me feel at peace with leaving my dogs for 6 days.  Your personality and love for animals is a true blessing.  I could tell that my dogs really liked you.Keep up the good work."


Brian Harris




"I was leaving for my honeymoon and didn't know who to call to take care of my two Persian cats, Neo and Cyrus.  I found an article in a magazine about Linda Heil and her business, and after reading it, I felt reassured that Linda was a true professional and had an impressive track record.  I called her and she met us at our home before we left, and she instantly made me feel at ease.  She truly cares about animals and that showed from the moment I met her.  During our time away she took exceptional care of our kittens and even left a daily diary documenting their activities.  I will definitely call her again and recommend her highly to anyone seeking pet care!"


Jill Farrand

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